Privacy Policy

Last Update: June 2018


Please make yourself aware of our privacy policy (the “Policy”) to have a clear understanding of our use of your personal information. If you disagree with this policy, please refrain from using (the “Site”). Continuing to access the site, it will be assumed that you are in conformity with the policy. There will be timely changes and updates to the policy. In case of any material change in regard to the use of your personal information, you will be notified promptly. If you chose to continue the site after the policy is updated, it will be assumed that the changes to the policy are acceptable on your part. Please stay abreast of the periodical changes in the policy.

The Short Version

At Sofza, your privacy is our utmost priority. Your personal information will not be sold or rented to third parties for any purpose without your consent. It will also not be disclosed to any party unless stated as per in the policy or required to deliver the services promised to you by Sofza. This means allowing you to buy and share the information you desire to be shared on the Site. Information provided by you including the technical information automatically generated by our systems such as IP address, browser information, and cookies will be collected by us. The collection of technical information helps Sofza to deliver a better user experience and a more personalized browsing experience.

Any and all technical information gathered by our systems, or third party systems, may be used for the operation, analytics, content promotion, enhancement of user experience automatically. Information provided by the user, such as contact number, during the process of order placement will not be shared except that stated in the Policy. Your contact information may be used by us to contact you in order to provide you with notices related to your activities or to offer promotions and general updates.

User’s personal information will be stored in systems around the world and may be used for processing by third party service providers working on our behalf. It is possible that these providers may be based in countries that do not provide an equivalent standard of security that you enjoy in your country. In such case, we will provide the necessary safeguards for the protection of your personal information.

You can open a Customer Relation ticket to exercise your rights to your personal opinion. The long version of the Policy will provide further details on your applicable rights.

This information is only the tip of the iceberg. We advise you to read up on the information we collect, how it is used, become familiar with the terms such as cookie and such other terms stated in the long version below.

The Long Version

Your privacy is Sofza’s utmost priority and we are committed to going to lengths to protect the personal information of our users – buyers and visitors engaging in business through the Site (“Users”). It is our belief that you, the user, have every right to know our practices in reference to the information we collect when you visit and/or use the site. Privacy practices for the Site and the services provided by Sofza are explained in this Policy. By accessing the site, it is predetermined that you agree to the terms and conditions stated in this Policy, including the following actions on your personal information and data:

  1. Collection
  2. Use
  3. Disclosure
  4. Processing and retention

You can learn to limit the sharing of information in the long version of this Policy.

Information We Collect

When you place an order on Sofza, the Site asks you to provide certain personal information including your name and a valid email address. Additional information may also be collected such as physical address, telephone/landline number or other contact details and also additional authentic information. This is to ensure that we provide you with the services you require, e.g. payment, or to ensure the integrity of the marketplace.

We may also collect some information while you access, browse, view or otherwise use the Site. To put it in simple terms, we are aware of your usage of the Site when you access the Site. We may gather and record the information of your usage, including geo-location, IP address, connection and device information, web-log information and all communications recorded by the Users through the Site. The recorded information is used by Sofza to enhance the user experience, personalize your browsing experience as well as preventing any fraud or inappropriate behavior. Additional supplemental information obtained by third parties, for example, demographic and navigation data may also be collected by us.

In order to improve your experience of the Site, we have additionally implemented impression reporting. While you are busy mingling with our ads, we may also gather user GUI, HTTP request data for example user agent, IP, host, URL, city/country/continent from where the request was made, browser information, device/OS,  OS version. Once you have filled up the order form, your provided information is securely saved in our database.

How Do We Collect Information

Most of the information we collect is directly provided by you when you fill out the order form on the Site. Voluntarily posting and sharing information also forms part of the information we collect. Our systems also collect technical information automatically in an indirect fashion. This technical information includes logging your IP address, software configuration, OS and your use of cookies. Cookies are helpful for us to improve your navigation of the Site. Further information about cookies is stated in the Policy below. We may also collect information from the available commercial sources for example data aggregators and public databases.

How Do We Use The Information Collected

Before we process your personal information, a “condition” will be defined as per applicable laws that will justify the processing. The conditions for the majority cases are:

  • We have your consent for a specific purpose.
  • The use of your information is necessary for the execution of a contractor to enter into a contract with you.
  • The processing of your personal information is a necessity to comply with relevant a legal obligation.
  • The processing is a stepping stone to support our legitimate interests as an expanding business. This is subject to your interests and rights and also the fact that it is conducted in the manner that is proportionate.

Your personal information will be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide the User with standard quality and security. We may make use of the information gathered from you for the verification of your identity. Your information may also be used for the establishment of your account, logging of your activity and contacting you timely. This information aids us to improve the service we provide and improve your experience of browsing. Additionally, this information assists us to track any suspicious activity such as fraud and monitoring of content integrity.
  • For the maintenance of business records, compliance with the lawful requests by public authorities and for the compliance of laws and regulations which are applicable or otherwise a requirement by the law. In case of deactivation of your account on the Site or you want your account information to be deleted from the Site, your information will still be kept by us for a limited time period to meet the above objectives.

You will be asked for your consent before we use your information in case we use your information other than the reasons provided.

Direct Marketing

  • Your personal information may be used to send the User a direct marketing messaging about our products, services or promotions from Sofza. This information may be sent in the form of email, post, SMS, telephone or a targeted online advertisement.
  • Majority of cases of our processing of your personal information (for marketing purposes) is based on our genuine and legal interest. In a case where your consent is required as per the law, you will be requested for your consent. You will have the legal right to prevent direct marketing of any of the form stated above. This right can be exercised by following the opt-out link attached to each form of communication or by sending an Email to
  • Steps are taken by Sofza to limit the direct marketing to a proportionate level. We tend to limit the sending of marketing material to the content which we believe may be of interest of relevance to you. This is based on the information we have on you.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information

Your information shall remain with us only for as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose it was initially collected for. In some cases, however, we may retain your personal information for a longer period of time. This case may be a result to fulfill the following purposes:

  • As long as your information is necessary and relevant for our operations for example: to have the accurate record of your dealings through us in the event of a complaint or challenge
  • Your information may be retained from closed accounts to comply with the applicable laws, for prevention of fraud, the collection of any owed fee, resolving of disputes, troubleshooting problems or assisting with any ongoing or pending investigation.

Children Under The Age of 13

Our site has an age restriction of 13 which means it is not intended for children under the age of 13. No individual aged below 13 should provide any personal information to or on our site. We do not collect information from children under the age of 13 knowingly. Children’s activities should be monitored by parents and guardians at all times. If it comes to our knowledge that we have collected or received information from a child aged less than 13 years, we will delete that piece of personal information. If it is in your knowledge that we have information of a child aged less than 13, please inform us at

Sharing Personal Information With Third Parties

Your Personal information is not sold or rented to third parties for any purpose without your consent.

Your personal information may be combined with the information we automatically collect to provide you with an improved service and help us personalize our services, content, and advertising. If you wish not to receive marketing content from us, you can always opt-out through the link that is attached to every mail sent to you or by sending an email to

Your information may be shared with third parties only to achieve the objective of providing service to you, fulfill the obligations that are applicable bylaws and prevent any suspicious or fraudulent activities as detailed below:

  • To providers of service with the purpose of ancillary services for example payment vendors, CRM systems, mailing systems or technical consultants. Our agreement with these contractors (service providers) does not allow the use of your information for their own marketing or benefit. We are consistent with our applicable legal requirements. We take every reasonable step to safeguard third parties from using your personal information for their own gain.
  • In response to a subpoena or order from the court, judicial process or to regulatory authorities if in comes to our belief that we are required to do so by the law or in doing so is necessary to come in compliance with legal processes: When it comes to our belief that it is appropriate to share your personal information with law enforcement agencies, for example, the investigation of a suspected fraud or violation of law, security breach or breach of policy: I response to claims against us: And for the protection of rights, property or the personal safety of Sofza, it’s employees and customers.
  • For the securing of the Site and protection against fraud, unauthorized transaction (money laundering), or any such liabilities. Your credit information is not collected by us but we allow our payment vendors to collect this information for the sole purpose of collecting the payments from the buyers on the Site or in case of the transfer of payment to sellers on the Site. In any case, we are not exposed to the information of payment collected by the payment vendor; and
  • Your personal information may receive disclosure in case we go through with a business transaction such as a sale, merger with another entity, or transfer of all or a portion of Sofza’s current assets, acquisition, bankruptcy or any such event.

Where We Store Your Personal Information

Some personal information provided by you on the Site may be stored and processed by third party vendors and data processors on our behalf. They may be located in other jurisdictions such as the United States of America. The laws of these states may differ from jurisdictions in which you live. Whether it’s the third party or internally at Sofza, any transfer of your personal information from the EEA (European Economic Area) to countries which are not deemed fit to provide a standard level of data protection are under the government of EU (European Union) standard contractual clauses. In the case of United States of America, the EU – US privacy shield and standard data transfer regulations for the protection of security and confidentiality of your personal information. All necessary steps are taken by us to make sure that your personal information is treated as per the Policy.


Upon your visit to the Site, it includes the use of “cookies”, which save specific bits of the date on your PC and which will enable us, to make your browsing through the site a great deal easier. Furthermore, it will give us the opportunity to run our Beta tests and offer you customized browsing or sales offers. Through continuous use of the Site, you have agreed to our server making use of cookies on your PC or device according to the terms and condition of the stated Policy.

The cookies enable the Site to store data analytically according to its use, to modify the Site’s functions to accommodate user’s own personal preferences and to help with numerous other workings of the Site. These files comprise of an array of data such as information about Sofza web pages visited by you, the amount of time you took upon visiting the Site, data about how you came to visit the Site, topics that had you interested within the Site, and similar information. Cookies shall stay housed on your device for a certain period of time as described below.

The following are the types of cookies put to use on this Site:

  • Necessary Cookies: Necessary cookies are vital and allow you to maneuver through the Site. They help to provide security and basic operations which allow the smooth running of the Site, so unless the cookies are enabled, we won’t be able to guarantee your visit or provide you with proper security facilities.
  • Functionality Cookies: To provide you with the best user experience Functionality cookies are put to use. They help us to personalize your experience according to your area. It also gives the Site the facility to remember the choices you made most frequently to allow a more customized outlook according to your preference
  • Performance Cookies: To grasp an idea of user preferences on the Site, performance cookies come in handy. It gives us the opportunity to constantly check for errors and provide the user with the best optimum experience possible. These cookies enable us to find the possible errors within the pages such as a page lagging or which page the users visit the most. The inclusion of the cookies provides us with the maximum data that can be put into use to improving the Site. The third parties, also at times manage a few of these cookies. In order to obtain further information, you can visit the particular privacy policy on the respective Site of the third parties. In particular, we make use of Google Analytics cookies to obtain an overall data of the user. Google Analytics is a third-party web analysis service provided by Google Inc, which uses performance cookies and targeting cookies. The information produced by these cookies about your usage of the Site (including your IP address) will then be transmitted to and stored by Google Inc on servers in the United States.

You have the option to disable the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Moreover, there are other ways you can prevent Google’s collection and use of data (cookies and IP address). For more information about Google Analytics cookies, please see Google’s help pages and privacy policy.

However, if you choose to disable the cookies, the Site is most likely to face performance issues and may cause hindrance in your browsing.

Blocking or Deleting Cookies

Post your agreements of us placing cookies on your device, a cookie shall be stored on your PC or device to remember all the options you choose for the future references and save you the trouble of selecting the same options repeatedly. You have the option to block all cookies, including cookies which associate with our services, or to notify when a cookie is being set by us. This can be done through the setting on your respective browsers. You are being informed beforehand that in case you are to disable the cookies on your browser, you may not be able to access all the features of the Site, fully. However, you can still allow cookies from specific websites by making them “trusted websites” in your internet browser.

If you want to manage your cookies setting, the following link will help you in this regard. Or you can use the ‘help’ option in your internet browser for more details:

In case you share the use of a computer or device, accepting or rejecting the use of cookies may affect all users of that computer or device.

Information on deleting or controlling cookies is also available at (note that this website is not provided by Sofza, and we, therefore, cannot ensure its accuracy, completeness or availability). It is important to remember that many of our services may not function properly if your cookies are disabled.

External Links

Please take note that there are links to third party sites on the Site. If you decide to link to a third party site through the Site, any information provided to that site and its use by the third party are not under the control of Sofza and are not covered under this Policy. You should make this a common practice to consult the privacy policy of each site you decide to visit. This policy encompasses to only the personal information collected by our Site. If you chose to upload content, including your personal information, to any social media or networking outlet and then chose to tag this Site, your request will be subjected to that social network’s terms and privacy policy. We do not have exercisable control over these terms and conditions and have not reviewed their adequacy. You should review these policies before you upload any information.


At Sofza, we go to lengths to maintain the security of the Site and the information you have provided to us and in the prevention of unauthorized access, misuse, loss, alteration, or damage through industry standardized technologies and internal procedures. Through various contracts, we ensure that any third party processing the information you have provided provides for the confidentiality and integrity of your information in a secure manner. Transmission of data through the internet is not a safe practice. We do our best to protect your provided personal information. However, we can not take any guarantees of the security of your transmitted data to the Site. Any transmission is at your own risk. Once the data is received at our end, strict protocols and security features are applied for the prevention of unauthorized access. No password is collected from our end. Our site itself has no registration form. On the page where you place your order, you are under no circumstances allowed to give any information apart from your name and email address.

In case you need further information on our security protocols; a request can be made for an elaboration.

Rights Of Users Under EU Regulations

In action since May 25, 2018, the applicable EU regulations dictate that you may be at liberty to have some or all of the following rights with regards to your personal information:

  • For the obtaining of a copy of your personal information along with the information regarding how and on what grounds that personal information is being processed.
  • For the rectification of inaccurate personal information.
  • For the removal of your personal information in circumstances where it is no longer important in contrast to the purposes for which it was initially collected or processed.
  • For the restriction of processing of your personal information where : (a) The accuracy of the information you have provided is contested; (b): The processing is illegal under law but you have objectified to the removal of your personal information; (c) Your personal information is no longer required for the reasons it was initially collected but it is required to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.
  • For challenging a process which we have deemed justified on the basis of our lawful interest.
  • For objecting of decisions based on automated processing/profiling.
  • For obtaining a portable copy of your provided personal information.
  • For obtaining a copy or for the accessing to safeguards under which transfer of your personal information takes place outside of the EEA.

Adding to the above mentioned pointers, you can also exercise the right to register a complaint with a supervisory authority for the protection of data.

For security purposes, we may ask for additional information. This will be to confirm your identity before we disclose data requested to you. We reserve the right at all times for charging a fee where it is permitted by the law. Any request that hampers the privacy of others will be declined. Other cases of declining requests include impractical requests or a request that would cause to take any action outside the applicable laws. We are however permitted by the applicable laws to retain certain personal information of yours for a period of time for record keeping purposes, accounting and fraud prevention purposes.

Your California Privacy Rights

The California Civil Code Section 1798.83 grants permission to California residents that are users of the Site to request specific information in contrast to our disclosure of the provided personal information to third parties for the purpose of their direct marketing. If you want to make such a request, please submit your request at

Updating Your Information

We go to lengths to make sure that your personal information collected by us is accurate and updated. If you believe your personal information is inaccurate, please notify us immediately. We will take timely steps and correct any inaccuracies as soon as possible. We may also provide you with the option to change or delete the information ( If it is not required to store that information for a time period for business or legal purposes). While you update your personal information, we may ask you to prove your identity before we can take action on your request. If you find difficulty in deleting your personal information, please notify Sofza’s Customer Support here. We will make timely efforts to delete the information pursuant to any applied privacy law.

In case you need to make amendments to the information that you have provided earlier, please notify us at In case you decide to delete your User Generated Content (“UGC”), as clearly defined in the Sofza Terms of Service, from the Site, a copy of your UGC will remain viewable in cached and archived pages. They may have been copied or stored by other Site users. Our Terms or Services govern the access and use of information that is provided on the Site, including UGC.

Changes To Privacy Policy

Sofza will reserve the right to make amendments to this Policy at any time. It is advised to revisit the page frequently to stay up to date with any changes. Any changes made to the Policy are effective as of the “Last updated” stated below the Policy. Your continued use of the Site after the last update will be deemed as acceptance of the terms from your end.

Contact Us

To exercise any of the rights provided to you by this Policy in contrast to your personal information, we would ask you open a Customer Relations ticket. Please make sure that you have included all the relevant details so that your ticket can be processed and handled correctly. All the processing will be aligned with the local laws and our policies and procedures. In case you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact us at, and we will ensure you get a reply within a reasonable time period.