About Us

Do you need some work to be done? Want an ad to put your product in the limelight? A business card that speaks before you? A logo and a website for your new venture? Do you need anything else? Well, in that case, Sofza has got you covered.

Sofza is here to cover all your professional needs. At Sofza, we believes in providing you with the best tools and services to get your venture from good to great. A dedicated team of professionals with specialized skills are at your disposal. In short, you ask, Sofza delivers.

From sketches and T-shirt design to animations and character models, we cover a large of array of requirements for our customers worldwide. Our graphic design services are top notch. Calendars, business cards, e-book covers, flyer and brochures, gift cards and restaurant menus are just the tip of the ice-berg.

The world runs on ideas. In this lightning-fast age of the internet, your idea is as good as your website. Got a break-through idea? let us do the rest of the work. Get your idea converted into a fully functioning and a highly responsive website through Sofza. Starting a new business? You will need a logo to go with it. After all, every big company is known by it’s logo. Don’t stay back. Our designers will do the thinking. Have a logo that stands out in this highly competitive market.

The best way to get your message through is to make that message visible. Need an animation? you know who to call. Sofza has you covered with all sorts of animations and caricature. Maybe you need something more. Do you need a design for your mascot? Do you need a design for a character that embodies your aims? Well, we got you covered there too.

Are you still not covered? Well, we still have more to offer. When we said we got you covered we actually mean it. Sofza offers photo manipulations, watercolor rendering, the design of vouchers, vector wpap, typography cover, email templates and flat icons.

In three basic steps, all this can be yours. You place an order. Our team gets in touch with you to make sure our work brings out a reflection of your ideas. You pay for work that stays light on the pocket yet influential in the market. Sofza is the name and having you covered on all possible fronts is our job.